March 8, 2018

I've been painting a lot of small paintings lately.   This was a way to get me back into the studio.  There have been a few changes in the Helwig/Van Mil household.   Patrick was laid off; which has happened to many people in Calgary's oil patch.   In the end it is an exciting time for him as he is pursuing a new career.   However, it meant I no longer have the house to myself.  It sounds witchy, but with a "b", I know.    He is a great guy, but so much of my day involves rituals.     It took me a while to adjust.      But the small paintings helped.  It forced me to get into the studio and just create.   I've posted January and February's paintings under smalls on my website  (    I'm excited for Pat.  He has been so supportive, and now it is his turn.  

I had a film crew come in and film me last week.  This was to help out a first year Mount Royal Journalist student.    It helped me also because I was able to clean out the studio.   I now have a space I want to spend time in.  I will tell you more about their film and story as it develops.

My wonderful students decided that we should spend some time doing figure work.   This is another stretch for me.   But I have to walk the walk and talk the talk.  I mean, I am always telling them to stretch.   So we dove in and had a wonderful time.

I owe my neighbour a bunch as she looks after the cats when we go away.  SO I've painted a portrait of her son and his new dog Johnny.    I haven't shown it to her yet... You get the first view.   This isn't even the final picture.   I added another layer of paint and worked more on the dog.  Right now it is hanging at The People's Portrait Prize at C Space in Calgary.    I will post another picture of it when it gets home and before it goes next door to Marilyn, Doug and Brady's house.  There is an opening on the 17th if you are interested in going.